Finding a rare bird on my camera

Video surveillance device can be used for a number of purposes.

When most people think of video surveillance equipment, they imagine a private investigator or detective.

Some people picture the CIA or the FBI. A lot of law enforcement places use video surveillance component to catch theft, crime, plus murderers. My brother plus I use our video surveillance component to watch the woods behind our home. The two of us have 12 unusual video cameras strategically placed on the property. We’re not paranoid, but my brother and I love to see everything. The two of us live in the woods, plus there is a lot of wildlife in the area. The two of us have videos of black bears, brown bears, wolves, plus a variety of small fuzzy animals. My brother plus I have 22 acres of property, plus both of us can see almost every square inch with our video surveillance equipment. A few months back, both of us spotted a rare bird on the camera. Our video surveillance component picks up sound plus motion, which activates the recording. The little bird was on a tree directly across from the video camera. The two of us caught a spectacular view of the critter, plus both of us uploaded the video to our website. It’s already has over a lot of hits, plus a lot of people are surprised to see this certain bird in the area. I am hoping to catch another rare find on camera. I know my chances are not too good though.


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