Designing us a better website

Web design is something I am not familiar with.

When I was in private school, I skipped most of the computer courses offered.

I was more interested in tech, woodshop and anything hands on. I rarely used the computer, even at Technical School. Even now as a tied up Heating & Air Conditioning specialist, I barely use the computer for anything more than looking around the net. When my best pal & I opened our Heating & Air Conditioning dealer, I knew that the website was crucial. Unfortunately, my best pal & I didn’t think about the web design. We hunted around & found a few design studios, however they wanted way too much money for those services. The prices were super high & my best friend and I could not afford to hire anyone. We began searching online for web design plans. I found a few web design programs that were free, however they were still too difficult to navigate; Happily, I found a neat website online that has all kinds of cheap web design help. I placed a small ad on the website asking for some assistance with a current Heating & Air Conditioning supplier website. In the first 4 hours I had 40 different responses. Most of them were hoping to do a mock-up for $100. My best pal & I knew that the people I was with and I needed a website to be competitive in the heating & a/c dealer. The people I was with and I were genuinely glad & cheerful to find some help & still keep some money in our savings account.