Getting a heater tune up before Christmas

I always try to get my house ready for when my kids come home for Christmas.

I wash all the sheets and pillow cases in the room. I get tons of extra milk, lunch meat and fruits to have laying around for anyone that is hungry. The last step to preparing the home is getting the heating tune up. The last thing I want is to lose heating on Christmas. It would also be awful having the heater quit a few days before. First, all my kids have moved down south. So they are pretty weak when it comes to the cold. On a cool day that I would not typically run the heater, all my kids complain. The heater needs to be in peak condition to provide heating. The heater will be running higher and for longer hours when they are there. Another reason I get the heater ready is that I don’t want to have bad indoor air quality. With my kids home, we all stay in the house longer. If the indoor air quality is dirty and dusty, there is a chance my kids could get sick. We all are inside more, I don’t want them breathing in contaminated air. When the heating contractor cleans the device, there is no dust in the system. Everyone is safe. Getting a heating tune up is always rough every year. I have to get the heating tune up early enough that the business is not busy. But, I have to get the heater tune up late enough that it is freshly cleaned for my kids.


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