The professor seemed to love the heater

I have a professor that I just can’t get along with.

He doesn’t like our attitude although I don’t like how he treats the students. He consistently adjusts the temperature control settings to ridiculous levels like he is trying to torture everybody. When he does this, I get on his case for it calling him a child abuser plus things like that. That’s when he decides to send myself and others to the Principal’s office. I do not mind because the Principal easily has comfortable temperature control settings in his office. I have told him that the professor was abusing the children with cruel plus unrespected punishment… Actually, the professor has gotten into trouble a few times because I have told the Principal about what he was consistently doing. The professor consistently makes lame excuses as to why he turns the heat up so high, he says because he has a condition where he feels easily cold. I told him if that was true, he should just wear a coat in the classroom instead of torturing the rest of the class with the heating system on a hot day. He says that he can’t do his task respectfully if he was wearing a coat or many layers, and even our parents came to talk to the professor plus they gave him a difficult time. My parents agree that this professor has some dire problems. Eventually I was able to get transferred to a bizarre class where there were more comfortable temperature control settings, although I still know bad for our former classmates. They definitely should just get rid of that professor.


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