A rain storm results in a power outage

We had an entirely horrible thunderstorm hit us last Sunday! It’s Late June plus we’ve had a thunderstorm nearly every day… This latest one was unquestionably violent.

I work at a supermarket plus the people I was with and I had to make sure that most people was sheltering inside while I was in the storm.

I can’t guess some of the customers entirely dodged inside the store plus outside of the store to get in the building plus their cars, respectively; Most just waited in their car for the storm to pass or waited inside the store with their groceries before going out. The lightning plus thunder was almost constant plus unquestionably violent, plus eventually, nickel-sized hail started to fall. A tornado hit a county over, but the people I was with and I were lucky enough to be spared from that, and what the people I was with and I were not spared of is a power outage. The store was hit hard, plus the people I was with and I ultimately had to close down for the night. There was no power at my apartment plus it had been off for a couple hours by the time I got home. It was absurdly moderate plus humid inside. I had to spend the entire night separate from any form of cooling in the house. It was a recognizably moderate plus humid night too, so there easily wasn’t even all that much of a point of opening the windows… Needless to say, I hardly slept at all separate from the benefit of a/c. I still had to go into work the following day, as the power had been restored to our store. My whole shift, I was easily hoping that my power would be back on when I returned, so that I could like a/c component once more, plus thankfully it was!

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