We had a nice party at the end of the school year

I was gleeful at the party every one of us had at the end of the university year… It was nice because every one of us had all kinds of pizza plus they easily had the temperature control settings just right in the university; Usually they aren’t so generous with the air conditioner, although I know they decided to splurge.

It was nice just being able to hang out with our friends, eat pizza, drink soda, plus appreciate the cooling air flowing from the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C vents, we definitely couldn’t have asked for a better party going into the Summer season.

I easily love the air conditioner, plus I appreciate it so much I ended up asking our parents for a window air conditioner unit in our room; Because I got such wonderful grades in university, our father said that I could have one, and he did warn myself and others though to not waste energy by leaving it on plus to not blast the air conditioner too much, and my parents don’t fully understand me, like they couldn’t even understand why I wanted a window air conditioner unit in our room! They don’t even get the songs that I listen to either. To me, our songs is actually deep plus on another level, plus I definitely don’t know that I have to explain it to anybody because they would never understand it. These afternoons, I mostly just love cranking up the air conditioner in our room plus jamming out to songs, but occasionally I have to put our earbuds on though because I guess our parents get annoyed when there is too much bass.

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