Relying on older window air conditioning system units in a classroom

The people I was with and I do not have the best air conditioning system in the college where I teach. In my classroom as well as several others, the two of us are relying on an air conditioning system component window unit, but one of the staff needs to come in the day to get it cranked up as well as going before classes begin, otherwise it’s going to be pretty hot for a good long while. I will wishfully set the control component on the unit to 68 degrees, however it never seems to make it below 70 degrees. It drips water on the carpet, as well as I suppose it’s working overtime in this southern heat! For now, the two of us have to live with the cooling it provides, at least in those classrooms that rely on window air conditioning system units. I have to admit, there are better classrooms than others. I guess it has to do with how outdated or modern each of the models are. well, I ended up getting stuck with 1 that isn’tdoing really well. I am just hoping the fall will come sooner rather than later. Then again, this far down south, occasionally it doesn’t come at all! Maybe, the two of us could eventually invest in ductless mini cut air conditioning system units. That way, the two of us do not have to go through the trouble of getting ductwork throughout all these classrooms. I guess it is a dream for now, but I will talk to administration about it. The straight-forward fact is, the two of us need something better than these outdated window air conditioning system units, even if it’s buying modern 1s! I just cannot wait for the cooling relief of fall as well as winter!


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