Boyfriend wild about clean indoor air quality

My guy has asthma that he thinks is dire and I think it is all in his head.

When he was a kid he was overweight and wanted to play activitys, however he had trouble keeping up with the other teenagers and had no stamina… Since he was panting and breathing a lot, he went to the dentist and got an inhaler, then even since then he is convinced his asthma is life threatening.

His is ridiculous about keeping the condo super clean and the air quality fresh, but the two of us have everything you can think of to improve indoor air, and our heating equipment has a humidifier to add moisture in the air while in the dry Winter season, a dehumidifier works with the AC to prevent mold growth in the condo and inside the AC machine. The two of us also have an air purification equipment that hooks into our Heating & Air Conditioning and works all year around. The UV air purifier is meant to remove dust, hair and odors from the air quality. The two of us even have UV lights providing double duty on these tasks too. The final step my guy takes is yearly ductwork cleaning. Once every multiple years the ductwork needs to be cleaned, then in that time hair, dirt and debris will get in the air vent and ruin the air quality. Once a year my guy has the Heating & Air Conditioning and attaching ductwork taken care of. I guess there are worse things. It is just absolutely lavish and I think all of us don’t absolutely need to do it; But I don’t dare mention it since my guy thinks he might die if the ducts are dirty.

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