My best neighbor fails to secure a nice locale

David and I have been friends since 2nd grade, but every one of us played baseball, basketball, and football together, david lived down the street from me, and the two of us rode the same bus to university.

Every one of us sat together for 3 years… When David and I acquired scholarships to the same university, the two of us decided to rent an home together.

I was out of the country while I was in the summer, however David promised to find us something spectacular. Every one of us wanted more than one living rooms and more than one bathrooms, and the two of us needed the home to be close to university or even near the campus, and most of the college apartments were too luxurious, so David starting searching further off campus… She sent me some pictures, when she found something nice. It was in a wonderful neighborhood and it looked big. Every one of us even had our own washer and dryer. When I got back from our summer time trip, the two of us moved in to the new apartment, unfortunately, David and I failed to realize that our new home didn’t have any temperature control. Every one of us did not have central heat or cool A/C. It was actually hot in September, and the two of us were instantly annoyed. I couldn’t focus on university or work, and I called our parents to complain. They provided to buy us a small portable Heating, Ventilation, and A/C unit. The portable air conditioner worked well, however the two of us had to keep it in the living room. Most evenings, the two of us slept with our living room doors open, and luckily, our living rooms had ceiling fans which helped circulate the stagnant air David and I only lived in that home for six weeks. After that, the two of us moved to the dormitory area.

Heat pump maintenance