Working in a kitchen is horrible when there is no HVAC

He closed the restaurant down and told them that had to get an AC unit

When I was younger I always worked in kitchens and I remember one in particular that had no HVAC system. There was of course AC in the dining room, but once you stepped into the kitchen there was no thermostat in sight. When I first got the job I just needed money and I don’t care that there was no HVAC system. As the days when on I got so hot without AC that I wasn’t sure how anyone could be okay with there being no air conditioner. I talked to the owner many times and he told me he couldn’t afford to run an AC unit in the kitchen. I felt betrayed and not cared for, so I quit because of the lack of AC. They held my last check so I decided that I would tell someone that they were making people work without AC. When I told a friend of mine that works as a food inspector he told me that not having an AC unit in the kitchen can be very bad. He said that without AC if there is any food out it will go bad much faster. He went to the restaurant and did a food inspection and found that because there was no AC all of the food was too hot. He closed the restaurant down and told them that had to get an AC unit. Part of me was happy that the owner had to get an HVAC system, at least I know now that everyone working there has AC and they don’t have to be miserable. If you own a kitchen or work in a kitchen without AC, now you know how important it is to have an HVAC system set up.
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