Won’t let me sell the window ac

My wife is a big time hoarder.

We work well together since I love throwing this away. The best and worst time is when we do a garage sale. My wife just about freaks out and loses her mind giving away stuff. I just want to give it away for free or set it on fire. The garage sale day causes a lot of fighting and tears in the household. But in the end, it is for the best. The biggest items we are fighting over are the window air conditioners. Before my wife and I had central air conditioning, we relied on window AC. Every room in the house got a window cooling unit and we shut the door. It was our own form of HVAC zone control. We then updated the cooling situation and the window air conditioners were stored in the garage. I want to sell all the AC units since we have no use for them anymore. We have whole home cooling. Why would I ever want or need an air conditioner? My wife wants them in case of an emergency or if someone in our family wants them. What emergency would warrant 5 window air conditioners? What family member with central HVAC will want window cooling? I think we could get quite a bit of money if we clean them up and sell them. My wife is not motivated by the financial side of it at all. She just likes having it in there just in case. I am not a guy that thinks about potential disasters down the road.


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