Travelling on the bus is not fun anymore

I needed to get out of the city for awhile.

My job, my broken relationship and life itself, was just piling up.

I was afraid that if I didn’t go on vacation, I was going to be the next angry employee headline in the newspaper. I packed up my clothing and I headed for the local bus line. I got a ticket to go visit my best friend and I hopped on the bus. I was planning on driving, but the last straw was when my car’s engine blew up. I knew that getting away was the perfect option for me. I couldn’t believe how stifling it was when I stepped on the bus. I thought that the air conditioning wasn’t working because the bus wasn’t running. I was so very wrong. A heavy set man sat down next to me and he was already ripe with body odor. I was hoping that he had taken the seat wrong, but I was wrong. The bus started and I was thinking that the air conditioning would soon turn on and take away the odor. After six hours, with no ventilation and no air conditioning, I thought I was going to suffocate. I walked to the front of the bus and I asked the driver if there wasn’t anything he could do to supply us with some air conditioning, or at least some fresh air. He apologized but he said there wasn’t anything he could do until he got to our next stop and got a new bus. The next stop was six hours away and it was where I was getting off.

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