The old air conditioning unit that somehow works without issue

Moving into my own place was scary.

The house I moved into was this old rancher style home which hadn’t seen a single renovation in the past twenty years. Much of the hardwood floors inside the house were creaking all the time – especially at night, when I was the only one home and asleep in my bed. The house was creepy – that’s what I’m getting at. Anyway, the house had plenty of scary issues, too, namely the air conditioning unit that seemed to be magically bound. The rest of the house had appliances that were well over twenty years old, and it showed. The refrigerator leaked, the washer and dryer tended to shut off prematurely, but the air conditioning system worked without any issues! You’d think I had some kind of state-of-the-art air conditioning unit in my home, based on how excellent the indoor air quality was. However, it was just this old air conditioning unit! It was flabbergasting, really. The only thing I changed often was the air filter itself, which was definitely an important part of the A/C unit remaining in good condition. However, it was so odd! Why would this ancient piece of cooling equipment work so easily, while the rest of the appliances in my house seemed to be as fragile as a dry leaf? After reaching out to my local heating and A/C repair company, I asked them about what could cause the A/C unit to keep working without trouble for this long. They simply told me that the previous tenant had tune-ups every three months. That explains it, I guess!
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