My sunroom is connected to the AC??

I think that the one thing that attracted me to my home was the sunroom.

I loved how shielded it was from the rest of the world.

There were trees surrounding the sunroom to make it a private area and yet the trees did not impede on the amount of sunshine that came into the room. Whoever planned the landscaping, did a wonderful job. I love my sunroom, but I had one problem, I couldn’t use the sunroom when the sun was shining. It would get so hot from the solar heating that I couldn’t bear to be in there. I compared it to getting into a hot car when you have been shopping for hours. I knew I needed to find a way to get some shade and some air conditioning into the room. I called the HVAC company and they came out to assess the room. They told me I could put retractable shade windows in certain parts of the room, and that would help with the shading. She looked around the room and asked me what the air vents were for and where they went to. I guess I wasn’t very observant because I hadn’t seen the air vents until she pointed them out to me. She tried to track down where the air vent went to and sure enough, it was to the air conditioning. The air vents had been blocked off and it took about ten minutes until I had AC pouring into my sunroom. I am going to be pricing the auto-shade windows. With what I saved on the HVAC job, I am sure I should be able to afford to buy a couple of them.
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