My friend needed air conditioning

I love my friends and I’m not sure what I would do without them.

We have a strict policy between us and that is that none of us will loan money to another of us. We have bought something for one another, but loans were out. We had all learned a long time ago that loaning money to a friend will only end up in heartache. However, I could never let a friend go without if I could help them with it. My best friend was living in an apartment that didn’t have any air conditioning. It was really hot outside and I had seen her coming out of her apartment looking really haggard. We lived in the same apartment building and I knew that we had to have our own air conditioning units. I asked her if everything was all right and I even offered to let her stay with me until she could purchase another air conditioning unit. She stayed with me a couple of nights, but that was it. I knew she couldn’t afford to purchase a new air conditioner because her hours had just been cut back. I was in town a couple days after, and I saw they were having a big sale on air conditioners. I knew what size she needed in an air conditioning unit because our apartments were identical. It was only a couple weeks until her birthday and I bought her a window air conditioner. When I gave it to her, I thought she was going to cry. She told me she couldn’t afford to pay me back and I began to sing ‘Happy Birthday’.

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