I think I would be happier if I were an HVAC technician like my buddy

These days, I often regret not going to a trade school with my good buddy. He asked me a long time ago if I would go with him to a certain trade school to get our HVAC certifications. I wasn’t actually interested during that time in becoming an HVAC technician. My buddy was able to get his certification in 6 months and I stayed in school for 4 years. I was admittedly a little jealous when he was making the big money while I was still stuck going to college. I didn’t even feel like I was pursuing the right career for me. I actually ended up being a banker, and it certainly isn’t anything special. My buddy always tells me about these interesting stories working out in the field. He has helped countless people out of very difficult situations. Those people suffered when their heating system wasn’t working in the winter season, and now he is like a hero to those people. They always send him Christmas cards every season reminding him how thankful they are that he came through for them. I often wish I had a job like that where I actually felt important, but nobody is thankful for what I do at the bank. If anything, I get people who are frustrated about overdraft fees and other complications with their bank accounts. Things like that are basically out of my control, and honestly, I don’t make the rules. While I can agree that overdraft fees are a little bit excessive, there is a benefit to having that overdraft protection. If you need to have a certain bill to be paid to keep your electricity on for instance, that might be worth the overdraft fee if that happens. I do often wish I was an HVAC technician though just like my good buddy. I think I would be happier.
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