I saved energy when I quit changing the thermostat

I was recently told about all of the trackers you could get for your iphone.

They seem to have trackers that can track just about anything.

They can show you how much you are using your phone so you can increase your work productivity at home. They even had one that can tell you how many times you touch the thermostat throughout the day. I thought this was kind of cool, so I downloaded the app. I have a Smart Home and Smart Thermostat, so the app is able to pick up on the thermostat whenever I touch it in any way. I only had the app for three days and it had already registered my changing the temperature six times. I couldn’t believe I had done this. I bought the Smart Thermostat because it was supposed to change my temperature automatically to accommodate for the weather conditions outside. I didn’t even realize I was changing the temperature on the thermostat. I guess even if I had joggled the thermostat setting, it was registering as a temperature change. But then, I looked at my energy use and it was showing a definite energy spike during those days. I consciously made an effort not to touch my Smart Thermostat. When my next energy bill came, it was almost 5% lower than the previous month. I have now been monitoring my energy usage continually and making sure not to touch my thermostat. The Smart Thermostat is doing its job and I am comfortable and my energy usage is staying lower.


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