Working in a kitchen is horrible when there is no Heating & A/C

When I was younger I always worked in kitchens & I remember 1 in unique that had no Heating & A/C system… There was of course A/C in the kitchen, but once you stepped into the kitchen there was no thermostat in sight! When I first got the task I just needed currency & I do not care that there was no Heating & A/C system, as the afternoons when on I got so warm without A/C that I wasn’t sure how anyone could be okay with there being no a/c, and i talked to the owner multiple times & she told myself and others she could not afford to run an A/C unit in the kitchen.

  • I felt betrayed & not cared for, so I quit because of the lack of AC.

They held our last check so I decided that I would tell someone that they were making people toil without AC. When I told a neighbor of mine that works as a food inspector she told myself and others that not having an A/C unit in the kitchen can be honestly bad, then she said that without A/C if there is any food out it will go bad much faster. She went to the eating establishment & did a food inspection & found that because there was no A/C all of the food was too hot. She closed the eating establishment down & told them that had to get an A/C unit, part of myself and others was happy that the owner had to get an Heating & A/C system, at least I think now that almost everyone working there has A/C & they don’t have to be miserable. If you own a kitchen or toil in a kitchen without AC, now you think how crucial it is to have an Heating & A/C method set up.

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