She has problems with her body thermostat

We all knew that mom was having some real difficulties with menopause.

  • It was going beyond just heat flashes and night sweats.

Her heat flashes were becoming physically debilitating. She couldn’t regulate her inner thermostat. She was either shivering and putting on a jacket, or so hot that the air conditioning was running high and she was sitting in a corner crying. The doctor told her that it didn’t always happen this way, but it does happen. He gave her some medication to help her through it, but it didn’t do any good. She went to another doctor who offered to give her a medical marijuana card. He told her that certain types of CBD or marijuana could be able to help with her heat flashes. I was surprised when mom asked me to take her to the local cannabis dispensary. While she talked to the budtender in the store, I was sitting down waiting for her. I guess I expected to smell marijuana the second I walked in the door. I could only smell fresh, clean air. I knew they must have had an air purifier in the store. The HVAC thermostat was set to a perfect temperature. I figured it had to have something to do with the preservation of their product. One of the people from the counter came over to ask me if they could get me something while I waited. I told her the only thing I wanted was for her to tell me about their HVAC system. She told me the owner wanted everyone to be comfortable. He had a SMart Thermostat with the ability to set our inner climate according to the weather outside. They had true climate control in that store and I was impressed.

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