Seeing my friend because of an air conditioner

When I was in college, I spent a lot of time with this one guy.

He was so sweet and he was always a perfect gentleman.

At first I had a crush on him but when he didn’t make any move to be anything more than friends, I decided that was enough. For four years, we did everything together. We moved into an apartment together and when his window air conditioning quit working, I gave him one of mine. My mom had given me two, but I didn’t need them both. After I graduated, I headed back home. I never gave a thought about leaving the air conditioner behind. He was using it and it was his for all I cared. Two years passed and I got a letter from him. He told me that he was going to be in the area and he would like to talk to me. I was a bit creeped out but I was also a bit excited to see him. I hadn’t even talked to him for two years. My fiance told me he probably had a crush on me, which was really odd. When he showed up, my fiance was in the house. He had an air conditioner with him and I recognized it as being the one I gave to him. He thanked me for allowing him to use it and he told me that he had it completely renovated before returning it. He sat and talked to my fiance and I for about an hour before he decided it was time to leave. I often wondered about him, but the air conditioner had been completely forgotten.