My uncle shaped my future

I loved talking to my uncle. He seemed to always know what I was talking about. My mom told me it was because he had never really grown up so he wasn’t much more mature than I was. I think it was much more than that because he always gave me great advice. Mom had been trying to force me to go to college, but I didn’t want to go. I had a rough time in school because I am unable to do structured work. I can’t sit in a classroom and sit quietly because I have ADHD. My mom told me it was because I didn’t want to pay attention. My uncle told me that maybe I should consider going to a trade school. He allowed his mom to convince him to go to college, but he could never sit still in the classroom and pay attention. He said he decided to quit, which is why the family was against him. He went to a technical school for HVAC and he was now working toward having his own business. I liked that idea so I went ahead and signed up for a technical school when I got out of high school.. I decided to go for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, with the promise that I could work with my uncle. My mom wasn’t happy that I was associating with him, but I didn’t care. After graduation from HVAC certification, I started my job. Ten years have now passed and my mom still doesn’t understand why I didn’t go to college. She doesn’t talk to myself or my uncle, but I am getting married to a lovely woman I met when I was in HVAC certification school and I want her at my wedding.



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