My sister told me to get my ductwork cleaned

My sister came over to my house a couple of weeks ago.

She was there for lunch, but she decided to take control of my home.

She is such a clean freak and she drives me crazy. I try to make sure my home is clean whenever I know she is coming over. It is difficult to keep things perfect when you have two toddlers and two teenagers, but I do my best. I just had a new HVAC system installed, so I knew she couldn’t complain about the heating. I dusted and cleaned thoroughly while I waited for her to arrive promptly at 10 AM. She was only in my home for about ten minutes when she commented on how dusty it was in the house. I rolled my eyes as I turned away from her, but she kept talking. She asked me if I had my ductwork cleaned lately. I turned back around and asked her to feel free to inspect my home. She told me she noticed the house had been cleaned very well, but she still saw a lot of dust in the air. I couldn’t believe it but she was actually giving me a back-handed compliment. She said that if there is a lot of dust in the air it can often be because the ductwork either needs to be cleaned or repaired. Her husband is a HVAC technician, so I am sure she knows what she is talking about. Before she left, she had called her husband and made an appointment to have someone clean and inspect my ductwork.


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