I need perfect air quality

I guess some people say that I was spoiled rotten.

My mom didn’t believe that you could spoil a child when they were little.

She always said she was giving me love. In her mind, when she gave me everything I wanted, she was allowing me to make choices, whether good or bad. Now that I am older, that is not working any longer. Mom would allow me to change the thermostat whenever I wanted to. If I wanted it freezing in the house, it was freezing. If I wanted to broil the fish on the air vent, that was my choice. I knew I may get reprimanded for making wrong choices, but it wasn’t much of a punishment. She loved me too much to say no. When I went to school, I still thought I should be able to get whatever I wanted. I didn’t like the air quality in my classroom and I went ballistic when I couldn’t find a thermostat. I told them it smelled bad and I wanted my air purifier and I wanted to call my mom to bring it to me. If they had allowed me to go to the office to use the phone, my mom would have brought the air purifier, an air conditioner, or even a heater, just to keep me happy. I got in a lot of trouble that year and I spent more time with the principal than his wife spent with him. Now, I am an adult. I still like having perfect air quality but I don’t get so fanatical. I know that I make stores or where I work concede to my air quality wishes, but when I go home, the air quality will be perfect.

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