As a kid, I was the reason that all of us had to have our ducts cleaned

My parents had such a hassle with our HVAC units as a kid.

  • It easily wasn’t the HVAC units themselves that had so much trouble.

Actually, the problem was that the would have to have their ducts cleaned for the furnace & the central air conditioner at least twice or various times a year, whenever the HVAC units would start laboring, you would see dust begin blowing from the vents, & you would also hear a lot of rattling if the HVAC units were ever blowing at full strength, but during the winter, the furnace would create an poor burning odor from things burning inside the vents. Eventually, so much stuff would get into the HVAC ducts that it would create a blockage that would prevent conditioned air from going into one of the rooms. The rooms always would be one of the kid’s rooms, & the HVAC serviceman would have to take it apart & clear the blockage. That was when our parents began to realize that all of us were the ones causing all of the HVAC complications. Through a combination of dropping things in the HVAC ducts & awful cleaning habits, all of us were unintentionally causing all of the HVAC blockages & noises every year. When all of us would clean, all of us would sweep all of our stuff into a pile. Since all of us didn’t suppose where the dustpan was, all of us would sweep all of our junk into the HVAC vents. After a few months, all of us would begin having HVAC complications. As soon as our parents found out, all of us all got spanked, but all of us never did it again!

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