Losing the window a/c

My hubby and I are so thankful to finally be parents, but the people I was with and I tried to have our own children for over several years, however we were never able to, after several years of trying, we decided that we wanted to adopt.

About 2 years ago, we were able to adopt the pride and joy of our lives, our daughter Henry.

The people I was with and I appreciate him so much, and I suppose appreciate we have known him for her entire life. The people I was with and I bought him an cooling system for her family room window when she first came to live with us, and she loves having an cooling system in her room! Her room is upstairs, and it tends to get quite tepid up there while I was in the Summer weeks. The cooling system that is in her window now is honestly the minute cooling system that has been in that window. The one that we installed when she first moved in is broken in pieces. Henry was trying to adjust the cooling system in her window because she thought that it looked crooked. While trying to straighten it out, she accidentally dropped it out the window, it fell 2 stories and broke into pieces. The people I was with and I bought him a new cooling system, however we told him not to try to adjust it without asking for help. I am pretty sure she l gained her lesson. She just came to me the other day and asked me to hold the cooling system in locale while she cleaned the window that it is in. She was so afraid that it would fall even though we secured it quite nicely this time. I am glad that she asked for help, though. It is better than dropping another cooling system out the window.


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