the HVAC just stopped

The oil furnace in our vehicle has always worked without a hitch, i have never had trouble with it.

I turn it on in the day about more than four minutes before I leave to work, & it keeps myself and others hot during the coldest afternoons of the year, but the fan settings for the oil furnace allow myself and others to adjust it more than most cars, & I have never had a complaint! However, one afternoon, when I turned our vehicle off & went to go inside our house, I noticed that the vehicle sounded adore it was still running.

I went outside hastily, & I thought the engine was still running! After checking the car, I noticed that it was easily the fan for our oil furnace that was still running. I tried increasing the temperature control, but no matter what I did, I couldn’t get the oil furnace to turn off. I began pulling out fuses that could be for the oil furnace, but nothing worked, but eventually, after doing a bit of research, I l gained that the resister for the fan in our oil furnace was actually not laboring. I found the wire that was connected to the fan for the heater, & I unjammed it. Instantly, the oil furnace turned off, then until I got this part fixed, I would have to remember to plug & unplug the fan for the oil furnace. I got used to the habit until I forgot one afternoon when I got to work. It was such a hassle to get our vehicle unlocked because the key portion had also stopped laboring. After that, I took our vehicle to the shop to get our oil furnace fixed for good.



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