Air quality that needs a harsh improvement

My apartment has consistently been plagued with stupid little issues, and the roof used to leak every summer, as the biweekly day showers often left the shingles too wet as well as incapable of preventing leaks.

The powder room in our upstairs hallway had a toilet that wouldn’t flush unquestionably easily, as well as required pouring a tote of water into the toilet to force a flush, and of all the issues in this house, the worst is the air quality.

Oh boy, where do I begin on that! Each season causes the apartment to odor differently, as well as the air quality is affected in turn. In the winter, the entire apartment odors like burnt rubber due to the heating system burning too boiling for afternoons on end. In the Spring, the air quality is heavily hindered by the pollen as well as dust in the air. The Summer leaves the apartment odoring like a wet cat, as the excess humidity combined with the A/C plan causes this moldy odor to stick around. The only season that permits reasonable air quality is Fall, as there isn’t much need to use the heating system yet. The weather is also much cooler, so the need for A/C is low to non-existent. It’s a appealing time of the year, only because I get two or several weeks of a chop from the excruciating air quality I usually have to suffer through! I unquestionably need to get this awful air quality addressed by an Heating & Air Conditioning service specialist soon, or that may be reason enough for me to transport out of here.


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