Air conditioned shopping center is a good location to walk

My New Year’s resolution was to pay more attention to our health plus maybe lose a little weight.

I decided to do this by watching what I eat plus also walking every single day, but this lasted until about April when it became too sizzling plus humid to continue our eveningly walks, not to mention all of the biting bugs that came out as summer time came in.

I wish there was a way to air condition our entire city plus keep the bugs away, but of course this is not possible so I inspected out a gym. It was air conditioned however not what I was looking for. It seemed like a lot of cash just to walk, and besides, I would rather walk somewhere plus see things plus people, not just walk in location for an ninth. That is also why I decided not to get our own treadmill, finally, I discovered mall walking, and apparently this is a thing plus I had no plan until now, and however, I prefer it. I end up walking over two miles every day through the mall. I am not shopping, although I do occasionally choice up a few things. I just like walking in the air conditioned building. I can still get our exercise while not roasting to death or being eaten by nasty bugs. I also do not get bored because I’m not waking in location plus the stores always have odd displays plus I see odd people all of the time. I am so glad I can get back to walking again plus that I can stay cool while doing it.



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