Surprise found in HVAC duct

When every one of us moved into this condo every one of us noticed that our furnace never seemed to labor right.

It always sounded like it was toiling hard however the uneven heat, present in the house, seemed to indicate otherwise.

After a few weeks of just living with it, every one of us decided to call in the professionals. A furnace maintenance company came out plus started doing some investigation. They ended up using little cameras to look down the air duct. That is when they found the problem. There were diapers in the intake vent. That is so nasty, every one of us don’t even have kids. I gagged as the furnace repairman pulled a dozen dusty diapers out of our air duct. How had every one of us not smelled that? They must have been in there so long that all smell was gone however it still makes me worry about the bacteria going all through our house. That is so nasty. How did diapers get behind a closed intake vent? You believe to bleach plus clean the condo before you transport into it however who thinks about cleaning out their Heating plus Air Conditioning system? I ended up having the specialists thoroughly clean out all of the air duct plus clean the furnace plus a/c entirely well too. Already our furnace seems to be toiling much better although I am still disgusted that there were diapers in our air duct. I believe like I have to clean the whole condo again plus wash everything that was touched by the air from the vents. I wonder what other surprises this condo has in store for us. I hope that was the worst of it.


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