Would be Thief stuck in a hot situation

Theft is never funny, but sometimes there are occasions that make us all laugh.

The two of us on a small department store that sells handcrafted Kouture items.

Most of our line is very expensive, and a single piece can sometimes range in hundreds of dollars. The two of us had a lot of money in the safe near the holidays which made this the perfect time for some thieves to break in as well as haul away most of our items. The two of us had no idea anything was occurring, until we received a call from the security Alliance. They tracked the thieves using our security software as well as alerted the police. Luckily, all of the doors inside of our building have automatic locks. As the thieves were trying to leave through the basement, the security team lock the door to our furnace room. The thieves were trapped in the room with our boiler for 10 minutes before the police arrived. The thieves were covered in a puddle of sweat, as the temperatures in this room can sometimes reach 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The would-be thieves were ready to give up by the time the police arrived. The both of us had no idea that this type of feature would be such a turn, but now both of us are more than happy that we decided to go with a security feature that can walk down all the doors at once. Our furnace really came to the rescue and made that guy hot for the getaway.


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