Watching and learning a few things about HVAC work

There is an old saying i’ve heard since I was a kid.

And that saying is to watch and learn.

I never really understood the true meaning of that word until recently. I had just got out of college and got my degree and certification to become an HVAC specialist. But, I was nowhere near ready to get out in the HVAC field and start doing installations and repairs yet. My neighbor was having some work done on his heating and air conditioning system getting a major upgrade, and one of the parts of that was having new ductwork laid. When I heard all the noise and seen what was going on, I asked both my neighbor and the HVAC workers if I could come over there and watch them. I explained that I was fresh out of HVAC school, and wanted to learn what it was like doing a full on HVAC upgrade, and especially, the laying of ductwork. Both my neighbor and the HVAC workers were very friendly and welcomed me to watch. I have to tell you, just by spending one day over there watching all this HVAC upgrading work in progress, I learned a whole ton! There were aspects of ductwork laying I totally didn’t understand at school. There is a big difference between verbal teaching and either visual or hands on teaching. The visual of this is what finally made me understand how to install ductwork! I now feel that I will be doing fine in the HVAC field once I get out there.


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