My science Project About modern cool air machines

During my days in high school, my friends and I had a teacher that prefer to give us strange science projects.

When the two of us were sophomores, the teacher passed around a large bucket with a list of pieces of paper.

Each one of the pieces contained a different studying subject. My best friend James as well as myself ended up being Partners, as well as the two of us draw our topic from the large bag. The two of us were quite shocked as well as surprised when the two of us saw the project was supposed to be on the modern AC unit. The two of us didn’t have any information at all about this, and the two of us didn’t know how we would complete our project. Luckily, my best friend had a wonderful idea. He has a portable AC unit at home, and I have a central climate control machine. The two of us decided to conduct a test to see which one of these units work better. The two of us use the portable AC and the central AC and made a test subject where the room was 68 degrees during that time. Then we let the air conditioners go to see which one would more efficiently cool the space. The two of us certainly expected the results to show the central climate machine works much better, but too much of our surprise, the results and efficacy were nearly the same between the central system as well as the portable AC components

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