My parents made us sit in the car

My siblings as well as myself are only a few years apart as well as we were constantly at each other’s throats.

  • I can remember lots of times when my mom as well as that made us sit out in the car instead of go in the grocery store.

Back then, no one was concerned about someone coming to snatch your kids out of the car. There wasn’t much concern about the temperatures either. My parents left us sitting in an extremely warm car without any air conditioning lots of times. People complain about dogs having to sit in these warm cars as well as they don’t care too much as well as may even call the cops. My parents left us sitting in a sweltering car many times when the temperatures outside were probably close to 100°. Now all of the vehicles have some air conditioning so this problem cannot occur. Modern air conditioning has changed as well as many of these luxuries are not quite the same as they were 10 or even 20 years ago. Things have changed and made the time’s come along with them. My friends as well as myself will still remember those memories of sitting in a hot car, but none of our children will have the memories of living without that climate control. To them, it seems ridiculous to think about living without any air conditioning. They don’t hardly realize it was just 20 years ago that everyone lived without the modern amenities of climate control as well as air conditioning.

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