Garden disaster ruined my condenser

We live in a really nice neighborhood that is part of an HOA.

Many people don’t like the idea of a homeowner’s association, but the fees that we pay enable us to enjoy life without worrying about you everyday castle of maintaining our yards.

I was never really a person who liked getting all sweaty and dirty digging in the gardens anyway but I have always loved having beautiful landscaping. One of my favorite things about having the grounds maintained for me is the fact that I don’t have to get up early in the morning, drag the hose out, and water everything. In fact, we have an automatic sprinkler system that does that for us and I never have to think about it. My lawn is always green and my flowers are always in bloom making my house look like a show house outside. One of the other major advantages to living in a neighborhood like we do is the fact that if anything goes wrong in the yard, it is the responsibility of the HOA to repair it. This turned out to be a wonderful thing when are automatic sprinkler system decided to break and the leak basically drowned our air conditioner. The outside unit is in a low-lying area of the yard anyway so the water break caused a swimming pool around it and cause the unit to breakdown. The condenser on the unit needed to be replaced and if you have ever had a typo repair you know it can be costly. We simply filed the paperwork with the HOA and they agreed to pay for the repair and to fix the water pipes that had broken. All of the fees we pay each month to cover our membership really paid off in that particular instance.

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