Experiences as a Heating as well as A/C equipment owner

The two of us always knew about owning our own business would it be a lot of work.

  • The two of us knew that many people would give us a problems or complaints about Services they received.

The two of us anticipated the kind of problems that would happen everyday. The two of us were however not completely prepared for the types of issues that would come every day. The two of us usually have customers that try to get something for nothing. Most of the time this is when there are huge problems with the furnace or the AC. A few weeks ago, a customer called me directly after our technician was there to install an air conditioner. The customer was complaining that my guy didn’t hook up the air conditioner properly. The person expected me to offer them a full refund, before I even had a chance to speak with my representative. The Two of Us Austin have these type of problems, and it is one day after another. The two of us would happily deal with these customers, if it wasn’t so problematic all of the time. The two of us IDF when thinking about this speeding as well as AC equipment business that the two of us would run into such crazy as well as bizarre. The two of us have many other heating as well as a co-owner friends as well as they are the same with the same policies as well as problematic employee issues. We all need patience in order to continue with our proprietor
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