The HVAC duct is noisy

I was really glad.

The youngsters were away at camp, my spouse was traveling for work, in addition to I had the house to myself for the whole week.

I had a week’s worth of freezer meals in the freezer, a lot of ice cream, in addition to many shows recorded in addition to ready to watch. This was going to be a nice week. Or at least I thought it was. However, my first night alone I started to hear an unusual noise in the house. I don’t know if the noise constantly happened in addition to I hadn’t heard it before because it was constantly so noisy. All I know is that, sitting home alone, the noise was rather horrifying. It sounded love something, or someone, was in the attic moving things around. There was lots of creaking in addition to groaning noises. They only happened about once every half hour or so but that made it even more creepy. I told myself it was nothing but the sounds kept happening the following day so I called up a neighbor in addition to both of us went up into the attic together. I had to laugh when both of us found the source of the noise. It was my ventilation system. The HVAC duct was rubbing against itself when the a/c turned on. I felt a lot better however I scheduled a Heating as well as Air Conditioning corporation to come by in addition to do an HVAC duct sealing. Then the plumbing went out in addition to I had to get that fixed too. Between the HVAC duct in addition to the plumbing, I ended up spending most of my week fixing concerns in the house instead of relaxing.

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