Sporadically coming on and off

I was really disappointed with the youngsters’ away game. I was not disappointed in the youngsters’ performance because they did the best that they could. I was disappointed that they gym that the game was held in was so seriously hot. The people I was with and I all observed the heat as soon as both of us entered the gym. A few parents complained but, apparently, the a/c had been having concerns for a few weeks. In my opinion, the basketball game should have been cancelled or postponed or even played at my son’s university. However, no 1 asked myself and others in addition to the game went on as scheduled. Of course, the youngsters were all hot. This was especially true of my son in addition to his team because they are used to playing in an air conditioned gym. The home team, on the other hand, had been using the gym without an a/c for a few weeks, by this time, in addition to this provided them a bit of an unfair advantage. The home team ended up winning 16 to 4. My son was really uneasy in addition to so was I. I guess this was a form a cheating on the section of the home team in addition to it should not be allowed. Their win should not be counted in addition to neither should my son’s team’s loss. All home teams should have to keep their a/cs really working well or forfeit being the home team. I made my voice heard but it didn’t make a difference. I just had to explain to a 12 year seasoned that life isn’t even-handed sporadically in addition to after that I went home to cool off in front of our a/c at home, poor baby, he was so hot.

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