Radiant floors are much safer

Like many people in the southwest, our house did not have a furnace in it when I was a kid.

The house had a seasoned wall oil furnace that was almost never used because the fire would blow out all of the time, leaving the gas on.

This was really dangerous. So, instead of using the wall heater, my father would turn the gas oven on in addition to crack the oven door open. The people I was with and I would also crack open a window in the kitchen for safety. However, because the window was open, the only warm spot in the house would be right in front of the oven door. By the time I was a teenager, section heating systems started to be a thing however I do not guess that they were much safer. They were radiant heating systems that had coils behind a grill in addition to they did not disperse the heat really well. Like the oven, the radiant section heating systems were only warm if you sat right in front of them. But you could not sit too close or you would burn. The radiant section oil furnace literally melted the glue under the tiles on the floor so, if you weren’t careful, the tiles would slip if you walked on them. Then you had to push them back carefully so that the tiles would not be crooked. Still, there was something really nice in addition to warming about those seasoned radiant section heaters. Today’s central heating systems in addition to safer section heating systems simply cannot match the heat in addition to comfort from those early heat sources. However, anything is better than using an oven as a heater, that is for sure.


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