Periodically you listen to some entertaining stories on an Heating as well as A/C call

I’ve been an Heating as well as A/C serviceman for the last many years or so.

I’ve seen some odd stuff plus I have some deranged stories from gas furnace installations plus unusual service jobs.

You would suppose that being an Heating as well as A/C serviceman would be a pretty boring job, but I honestly see a lot of things that are pretty interesting, and last week, I was laboring at a home out in the country. I was laboring on a big electric gas furnace method out in the garage. I was in the middle of cutting the gas furnace method apart when I started hearing voices coming from somewhere. I looked all around I finally realized that the voices were coming through the return air duct in the ceiling of the garage. It was the partner plus the spouse who had scheduled the a/c service appointment; They were arguing over who had torn up the gas furnace method in the first location. They were yelling at each other like crazy. I heard the partner yelling about how his spouse was always turning the temperature control up plus down plus it had broken the temperature control. She yelled right back at him that he was the a single who had torn up the gas furnace by never doing the typical service toil on it. She also blamed him for never increasing the gas furnace filters the way that he was supposed to. I think I wasn’t supposed to overhear the fight, but the air ducts were a perfect conduit for their whole conversation. I appreciated hearing the fight, I’m not going to lie. It was honestly entertaining to listen to as I was repairing the furnace.
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