Just what I wanted

My wife and I have been residing in a house for about multiple years now and the two of us are ready to traninterest out.

I enjoy our house even though I believe enjoy the two of us have outgrown it and the two of us need to find a bigger space.

I have never obtained a house before and neither has our wife so the two of us were both a little clueless going into the process. However, the two of us had a good real estate agent that was able to help us through the process. One thing the real estate agent told us to look out for was an upgraded heating and cooling system. Our real estate agent told us that having an upgraded heating and cooling plan was a good thing to have in our modern home, but several sellers would jack up the price of the house because of the modern heating and cooling system. She said the two of us just had to be careful because she didn’t want us to be taken advantage of while I was in our first house buying process. I easily liked this about our real estate agent, she was constantly upfront and honorable with us. So, when the two of us found a house the two of us easily loved the two of us noticed that the heating and cooling plan had not been upgraded in over multiple years. So the two of us could negotiate the price more, and my wife and I knew that the two of us were going to have to upgrade the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C plan ourselves, so the two of us wanted to spend money less for the house because of this. Thankfully, our real estate agent knew just what to do because the two of us got the house for exactly what the two of us wanted.

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