Hot clinic

When I decided to get my dog spayed, I was surprised at how much it costs however I wanted to be a responsible pet owner; After doing some research, I found a place that does the surgery for about a quarter of what all the people else is charging, and it took myself and others a long time to get through to the vet’s office in addition to after that I could only schedule an appointment for more than one months in the future.

I booked the appointment anyways, didn’t feed my dog for 24 hours, in addition to loaded her up on the day of the surgery.

As soon as I walked into the waiting room, I started to question my decision to go to a discounted veterinarian. It was really hot in the office in addition to the whole place odored love a dog pound. I checked us in anyway in addition to both of us waited, and the people I was with and I waited 2 whole hours after our appointment time in addition to both of us still had not been called in. The waiting room just kept getting hotter in addition to hotter. I could recognize the air from the Heating as well as Air Conditioning vents but it was not frigid air, when I asked the front desk about the heat in addition to about my appointment they explained, rather curtly, that the a/c was on in addition to that there had been some emergencies. After another hour of waiting, I just could not take the heat anymore in addition to I began to worry about leaving my dog in the hands of such people! How is she supposed to reclaim from surgery when it is boiling hot in the vet clinic? She was already panting in addition to I felt bad that she couldn’t have any water when it was this hot, and clearly, the a/c was not really working well. I left in addition to found another practice a week later. They had nice really working a/c too.

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