Why can’t people who develop thermostats make them easier to use or cheaper

I love the HVAC units in my home.

During the summer, our air conditioner works wonders.

Our house is never warm because our air conditioner pumps cool air throughout our house, and it also gets rid of all the humidity in our home. During the winter, our furnace has faithfully kept our house warm, even on the coldest of days. However, if there was one thing that I could change about any of my HVAC units, I would change the device that I use to control my air conditioner or furnace. Yes, I am definitely talking about the thermostat in my home. I just don’t understand what was running through the minds of those who develop the thermostats that you can buy on the market today. HVAC companies develop thermostats that are incredibly difficult to program, and then they charge a high price for the thermostats. I have wasted a ton of time trying to program the thermostat to get our furnace or air conditioner to run properly. However, regardless of what I try to do, I can never get our thermostat to work properly! If I were to purchase an easier thermostat, the prices are way out of any normal person’s budget. If HVAC companies would make their thermostats cheaper and easier to use, we would probably spend a lot more money on them. In fact, at this moment, I would tell you that the old dial thermostats are still significantly easier than modern thermostats. An air conditioner or furnace is only as nice as the device used to control it.

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