One day I’ll own my own HVAC company

My dad started his own company when he was 22 years old, and worked that job 80 hours a week for the next twenty years of his life. He was such a success at that point he was able to sell the business and retire as a millionaire before the age of 45. This makes him my role model, and even though I will never been able to match his speed nor success, it still inspires me to achieve everything I can achieve. His path was as a business owner, but I have not gotten to that stage yet. I just earned my HVAC certification for the state, and am starting my first run as a field technician for a local business owner. Although my long term goal is to own an HVAC dealership of my own, that is a long way off, and just like my dad did I want to learn every aspect of this company from the ground up. Some people buy businesses, others build them, and the only way to do that is to start at the foundation, in this case being the skill to repair HVAC systems. Once I have that down I can start learning customer relations, how to build an office, and the financial side of the HVAC industry. Until I know the ins and outs of air conditioning and furnace repair, it does me no good to learn the bigger-picture aspects of business ownership. So for now I will keep going out of service calls every day, and learning all I can about HVAC systems.
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