Making camping cool again

How do you feel about camping? Me, I love it, and always have loved it for as long as I can remember.

My mom and dad used to take all of us out camping over the summer vacations each year, and we always loved it.

I got very good at building fires, so they would light in one try and burn all the way through, and this is a much harder skill to learn then you might think. I also learned how to use local flora to make shelter if I needed, valuable skills that so far I have only had top use by choice, not by necessity. I take camping seriously, so when my buddy brought an air conditioner out with us, I was actually a little offended. It’s not like I was demanded we “rough it” or anything, because we had a tent and a cooler or food, but a real air conditioner felt like cheating. It isn’t camping if you have a working toilet or a climate control system, is it? Because it just doesn’t feel the same. My buddy had custom ordered this small HVAC unit that was designed to use in tents, so it was quiet and very powerful. On a hot night like tonight, that little air conditioner could keep our tent at a nice 78 degrees for the whole night through. As much as I thought this was cheating, it was also 98 degrees out at nearly midnight, so the idea of an air conditioner to chill us out sounded really good to me.