I have water leaking from my AC unit

Yesterday, I was outside getting ready to go into the pool, when I noticed that there was water dripping from my air conditioner.

I have seen water dripping from the air conditioner, when I get out of my car, but I had never seen water on the air conditioning unit at my house.

I didn’t know if I should panic that there could be a problem with my AC unit, or if I should just look at it as condensation. I got into the pool, but I couldn’t take my mind off the air conditioning unit. I finally got out of the pool and I grabbed my cell phone. I had to call the HVAC company and have them come out and look at the AC unit before I had a major problem. I could just see the air conditioning dying because I hadn’t called the HVAC technician to come and fix it. I thought maybe the condenser was leaking, after all condenser and condensation are close. I thought the coolant could be leaking out, and maybe it was going to not just leak out and kill my AC unit, but it could make me sick. I told the HVAC company that it was an emergency and I would pay the extra money. When the HVAC tech finally arrived, I told him that he had to look at the air conditioner and tell me what was wrong with it. After he did a really thorough inspection, he told me that he couldn’t find anything wrong with the AC unit. I asked about the water that was dripping and he asked me if it had rained recently, because the water was dripping from my leaf clogged gutters.



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