Gross stuff in the air vents

Getting a look inside the duct method of our new home was a bit startling. Because the network of pipes is hidden in the walls, ceilings and crawl spaces, I’ve never given it much thought. Although I’ve been undoubtedly conscientious about having the furnace and air conditioner professionally tested every year, I totally ignored the duct system. It never occured to myself and others that while the heating and cooling method are sharing the workload, the ducts are in demand just about all year round. The heated and cooled air from the furnace and air conditioner is pumped through these pipes to every room in the house. This means that any contaminants that are built up within the ducts can be introduced into our family’s breathing air. Along with heated/cooled air, allergens are most likely spewing from the vents and creating a health risk! Ductwork can often be blamed for polluting indoor air quality. The home’s breathing air passes through these pipes various times per morning. Poor indoor air quality has been linked to all sorts of problems, include respiratory infection, migraines, aggravated symptoms of dust irritations and more. When a Heating and Air Conditioning corporation came to the new home to perform maintenance on the furnace, he asked how long it had been since I’d invested in professional duct cleaning. The answer was never. I’d bought the new home fifteen year earlier and never once had the ducts checked out. The Heating and Air Conditioning corporation tested the performance of the duct method and discovered a significant blockage of airflow. He found decomposing rodents, mold and bacteria inside the ducts. I was willing to pay anything for a thorough cleaning.

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