Got the most horrible hotel that might not have AC

My mother and I are sort of nuts when it comes to concerts.

Every summer time all of us go to various concerts. The people I was with and I are willing to drive, fly and book hotel rooms to see certain bands. The a single band all of us are going to see required a lot of planning. The people I was with and I had to book a plane ticket, hotel room and a shuttle repair in order to get to the arena. It makes it for an undoubtedly fancy concert and all of us did not even factor in the ticket. The shuttle repair was necessary because the hotel I choose is no way near the concert arena. The only hotels I could get were high end hotels that were over 400 dollars a night. Granted they were awesome, however all of us can’t afford that. She I have a shuttle booked for 30 dollars that will take us to the concert. I am a little uneasy about the hotel. It is kind of junky looking. There is no pool, task out room or dinner offered. I am uneasy there won’t be air conditioner in the room. Even crappy hotels offer AC right? The place all of us are going is forecasted to be around 100 degrees. Our hotel room needs to have quality AC. I think if all of us are lucky all of us will get a leaky window air conditioner. I will take any form of cooling over none though. I think most likely all of us will open our window and sweat to death. At the end of the night I wonder if I would have paid 400 dollars to have an AC system.