Girlfriend’s only thing is air filter changes and she whines every time

Once a week the air filter needs to be upgraded in our Heating and Air Conditioning system.

My lady complains bitterly about this job.

The only reason I make her do this job is because she refuses to do things around the house. I do all the cooking, cleaning and new home repairs. She needs to do something for the house. A great solution was that she takes out the trash and changes the air filter. Both of these jobs she whines about, although I am sticking firm. The air filter every week always is a sizable deal. Overtime the air filter collects dust, dirt and hair. The air filter is the only defense from allowing those things in the Heating and Air Conditioning machine. So adjusting it every week is easily necessary. She can’t slack on her duties. Also, the longer she waits, the grosser it becomes. Apparently the removal process is undoubtedly difficult. The air filter bangs into parts on the Heating and Air Conditioning. The filter is put in a metal frame and it is difficult to remove. She also doesn’t love going to the store to buy a new single. Frequently she forgets the old air filter and has to come back. There are too several choices of Heating and Air Conditioning filters to just wing it. Every week she acts love I am killing her for making her do this. The only thing I will trade her on is laundry. She can do laundry every week love I do. She can wash, dry, fold and put away. I would ecstatically change the air filter once a week and give over that horrible daily job.

Air conditioning technician