Why do air conditioner issues follow me, even on on a trip?

Some of us are just destined to be poor luck charms, however only for particular circumstances! My hubby is a poor luck charm for automobile repairs, as he’s typically having to bring her cars into the shop! In the numerous years that I’ve known him, my hubby has went through 3 cars – and soon, we’ll be at number four! Meanwhile, I seem to bring misfortune with myself and others when it comes to heating and air conditioner equipment. My hubby jokes that I deliberately sabotage the air conditioner plan at whatever loft we enter, however truthfully it feels that way at times, all of us had air conditioner complications for the first year that we were residing together in our home, and it seemed prefer there was no permanent solution aside from totally replacing the outside air conditioner unit. All of us went on vacation shortly after getting this new unit installed, mostly because we felt that a small getaway was desperately needed to diffuse our stress! Believe it or not, we checked into our bed and breakfast, only to find that the air conditioner plan in our room had just broken down the night before, what are the odds of that? I suppose I’ll just need to spend money for a portable air conditioner unit to bring along with myself and others wherever I go.
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