Periodically you overhear some entertaining stories on an HVAC call

I’ve been an HVAC specialist for the last 10 years or so.

  • I’ve seen some odd stuff plus I have some deranged stories from furnace installations plus unusual service tasks.

You would think that being an HVAC specialist would be a pretty boring task, although I really see a lot of things that are pretty interesting; Last week, I was working at a condo out in the country. I was working on a giant electric furnace system out in the garage. I was in the middle of breaking the furnace system apart when I started hearing voices coming from anywhere. I looked all around I finally realized that the voices were coming through the return ductwork in the ceiling of the garage. It was the hubby plus the partner who had busy the a/c service appointment, and they were arguing over who had torn up the furnace system in the first locale. They were yelling at each other love crazy. I heard the hubby yelling about how her partner was always turning the control unit up plus down plus it had broken the control unit. She yelled right back at him that she was the 1 who had torn up the furnace by never doing the proper service labor on it. She also blamed him for never increasing the furnace filters the way that she was supposed to. I think I wasn’t supposed to overhear the fight, but the ductworks were a perfect conduit for their whole conversation. I enjoyed hearing the fight, I’m not going to lie. It was really entertaining to listen to as I was repairing the gas furnace.


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